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Relationship-building is essential for conducting business. The better you can manage relationships with your customers, the more successful you will become. Customer Relationship Management is by far the most efficient approach to building and maintaining a relationship with customers.

In context to Nepal, many business professionals aren’t familiar with the term “CRM” and its importance in today’s dynamic business world.

So what exactly is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is a strategy for building a relationship between the organization and its customers. CRM refers to techniques, tools, and technologies used by organizations to build a relationship with potential customers and retain existing customers.

The basic goal of CRM is to manage customer relationships with the goal of accelerating sales. It does this by gathering customer data from multiple channels, generating leads, tracking them and learning their behaviors across the customer’s life cycle.

At its simplest, CRM offers an efficient way to manage your contacts, generate leads, track customers, manage deals and customize your tasks.

Why CRM?

CRM is all about making each and every customer feel that they have a one-to-one relationship with you. CRM is building a bridge of relationship between you and your customers. It provides your company with a complete view of sales cycles, customer information, pipelines, deals, and schedules. That will help to boost the efficiency of your entire sales team.

CRM360 offers you a complete CRM solution that will allow you to:

Keep all customer data in one place: CRM eliminates the time and energy of keeping customer information in scattered spreadsheets, documents, and notes. It helps you centralize customer information in an organized manner. It not only stores customer information at one place, but also sorts them on the basis of the history of interactions, calls, emails, deals, and schedules. Sales agents can keep track of every single customer’s activities, which enables a smooth sales process.

Be cost-effective: Customer relationship management is a cost-effective system. It consumes less time and effort to organize and manage your contacts. It doesn’t require paperwork, staff, or huge resources. It is a platform where you can do numerous things, like attracting customers, maintaining data, tracking customers, managing deals and tasks in one place. It is smoother and more cost-efficient than traditional customer management processes.

Apply sales automation: CRM enables your sales agents to focus on sales by automating other manual tasks. It provides information about the customers, their behaviors and their purchasing decisions by tracking customers. Sales agents will never have to miss any deals and tasks, follow-ups or feedback.

Importance of CRM

In today’s business world, the importance of retaining customers and growing a sustainable business is preeminent. It is more expensive to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. The rule of thumb for any business at present is to retain customers and build loyal relationships with them.

A good way to retain existing customers is by offering them numerous business opportunities for mutual benefits. Opportunities can be offered through multiple channels, and multiple ways, such as direct sales, online sales, franchises, and sales agents. However, with the increase in the number of channels, the need to manage interaction with your customers also increases.

CRM is a platform which gives you the right tools to manage your customers, organize your contacts, land more leads, turn potential leads into customers, manage deals and tasks. It allows you to track your customers and their behaviors, like purchasing patterns and visiting habits. More than that, it allows employees and employers to share contacts, their interactions with clients, and sales pipelines.

Get a complete and easy-to-use solution for managing your customers with CRM360

CRM360 offers a comprehensive platform that enables you to track your sales process, manage customer information, schedule meetings and track deals as they go through the pipeline. It is easy to understand and to use and offers a complete solution for your customer management needs.

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