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Accelerate your sales cycle

Manage, prioritize and improve your sales.
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Our Features

Manage your Leads

Collect and store data that can be used by businesses to evaluate potential leads and analyse on ways to turn those leads into customers. Sales team can store, track and analyze leads all in one with CRM360.

Streamline sales processes

Makes your sales processes effective by building simple pipelines for every deals and by keeping track of every stages in your business by focusing on productivity, cost efficiency and time management.

Get Instant information

Serves as an information centre for contact information of clients or customers, their performance evaluation and benefits to the company can be easily accessed by the user.
Generate Leads and Manage Your Customers

Build your own sales pipeline

Track your multiple potential buyers as they progress through different stages in buying process. Identify ideal customer profile, expand your outreach efforts, and personalise your sales pipeline.

Customize contact details

Helps you import, organize and customize your contacts as per the requirements. You can import details and customize them by adding or deleting the contacts.

Manage your deals

Offers you a systematic approach to track your deals, measure the progress, customize and close them. Stay up to date with each deals and achieve your goals with CRM360.
Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.
CRM360 is a user friendly app to store all your data and customize and prioritize it according to different filters available. It is as easy as jotting down your ideas on a piece of paper except it is more secure and systematic
Our Beneficiaries


A tool for time management, lead nurturing, building pipelines, task management and building customer relationship. Entrepreneurs can evaluate sales performance, increase productivity and profitability.


Helps managers to effectively report and communicate to their subordinates about their performance and progress. For a manager, CRM360 is an all around communication channel.

Sales Representatives

Sales agents can derive buyer persona and conduct all the sales communication like tracking leads, identifying needs, managing deals. It reduces efforts to manage time and communicate between different customers.
Empower your sales team with CRM360